Improved Employee Experience and Engagement with a Dedicated ES Application

Customer Profile

The client is a prominent name in real estate development and management in Dubai, managing more than 20 luxurious residential and commercial properties. To manage such a large portfolio of establishments, the client also has a significant employee base helping them achieve operational excellence and stay on top of the customer’s radar in Dubai.

  • Services: Custom Application Development
  • Products/Tech Stack: Cordova, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript, Ajax
  • Industry: Real Estate

Business Needs and Challenges

Recognizing the importance of employee management in achieving operational efficiency, the client realized the gaps in the existing management system. As the current system posed several challenges, the client faced the following issues.

  • Disparate Systems Causing Inefficiencies: Employee-related workforce management, leave requests, HR letters and notifications, employee discounts, and incident reporting are scattered with no centralized platform for collection, collaboration, and allocation. This is causing issues for employees and the management in accessing information and consuming additional time.

  • A Visible Lack of Cohesion in Employee Management: The fragmented employee management structure fails to provide a consolidated view of existing work and operations. The client faces difficulty in tracking employee performance, further posing challenges in fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

  • Lack of Communication Channels: The existing communication system is also disparate with no single official channel dedicated for exchanging information. This led to decision delays, missed information, and difficulty in accessing critical information.

Taking these challenges into account, the INTECH team worked on a solution that can address all these shortcomings. Our solution is to build an application that can tackle all these challenges, integrating all the relevant features to improve information accessibility and achieve operational efficiency.

Solution and Approach

Focusing on the impact of the lack of an employee management system, the INTECH team suggested the client build an ES application for effective employee engagement and management.

  • Streamlined Employee Management Processes: A centralized platform is required to simplify information access and automate tasks. This helps save time and resources for HR professionals and employees.

  • Improved Employee Experience: A user-friendly application for empowering employees to manage their work schedules. Through the same application, they can access benefits information and report issues to the management for quicker resolution.

  • Seamless Communication and Collaboration: A centralized platform is now available for all employees and management to manage tasks and ensure effective communication. This leads to a more connected workforce.

To implement the shared vision between our team and the client, we leveraged the following tools and technologies to build the application.

  • Cordova: A cross-platform framework using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build mobile applications using web technologies.

  • HTML, CSS, & JavaScript: These represent the fundamental building blocks of tools ensuring benefits like a visually appealing user interface that facilitates accessibility and engagement.

  • Ajax: This represents a development technique for creating asynchronous web applications. As a result, the application becomes easier to maintain, complete dynamic updates, and full page reloads.

Business Benefits Achieved/Results

With the purpose of improving employee engagement and productivity, the ES application has delivered a transformative experience. Here’s a list of benefits the client achieved;

  • Reduced Manual Effort: The ES application consolidated several employee interaction functions deployed through a single platform. This saves time and effort to navigate through multiple systems for the human resources team and employees.

  • Easy Access to Information: Built with a user-friendly interface, the ES application provides easy access to information to all employees, regardless of their technical background. Hence, this led to widespread adoption and simplified task completion. Now, the employees can complete their work efficiently.

  • Higher Employee Productivity: Working with streamlined workflows, the ES app is empowering employees to focus on their core responsibilities. Hence, this reduces the time spent on completing monotonous tasks and increases work productivity.

  • Quick Incident Reporting and Resolution: A real-time incident reporting feature within the application allows employees to report issues immediately. The same is sent to the management quickly, resulting in a safer and more secure work environment.

In order to nurture a culture of efficiency, the ES app empowers employees and management to adopt an action-oriented approach. With the application, the client is observing tangible improvements in employee productivity andsatisfaction.

Why did the Client Choose INTECH?

The client required an innovative solution that can be deployed quickly while serving the purpose. Verifying our experience in cross-platform app development, the client contacted our team and shared the initial requirements. Our client-centric approach and the ability to grasp their needs stood out to the client, which inspired them to hire us for building the app.

Are you facing a similar challenge with your employee base? We have the perfect Solution.