Legacy Application Migration

Partner with INTECH for modern application upgrade and modernization solutions and embark on a digital transformation journey that only goes upwards. Your success story starts now.
In the world of rapid modernization, the only way enterprises and businesses can survive is to upgrade legacy applications. Legacy applications are the burden that you need to shed immediately to remain ahead of the competition, gain an edge over your peers, and enable unbeatable business growth.

Our Legacy Application Migration Services are the Changer Makers

For many others, legacy application migrations remain a job to move legacy apps to a new platform so that a business can access a new technology stack. However, our approach here is different. The scope of our app modernization services is beyond this. We believe in integrating security and efficiency throughout the process while providing constant business continuity support.

Our team of experts helps you migrate legacy applications to the cloud without losing any data, facing any downtime, wasting a single second, and achieving cloud enablement within your budget. We’re not your instructor in this journey; we’re your pathfinders and your allies who will navigate you all through this extremely daunting process and help you reach your destination.

Our reach is beyond regular cloud-based service activation. We can help you redesign the entire IT architecture, integrate automation in crucial workflows, bring the best application innovation into action, enhance security, and set up optimized platform-as-a-service.

Our Areas of Expertise

Considering the hard work and domain coverage legacy application modernization services demands, we decided to be a helping hand that our clients can have in all situations. Our cloud-based services can help your business on many fronts.

Application Re-architecture

Fed up with existing application architecture, and it fails to bring desired business functionalities? It’s time to avail of the application re-architecture of INTECH. As you hand over the responsibility to us, we will start gauging your current architecture, find the loopholes, and design an upgraded architecture that will promote performance tuning and enhancement.

Application Integration

Applications that are well-integrated with each other are going to foster unpatrolled business continuity support. We are here to bring all of your scattered enterprise applications on one page and make them work in harmony. As we integrate applications with key systems like databases, servers, and cloud, we keep our focus on security, seamless association, and result-driven outcomes.

Application Automation

Our suite of app modernization services includes fully customized and impact-centric application automation solutions. We can help you instill the power of automation in legacy applications and even use end-to-end automation while migrating legacy applications to the cloud. This automation saves you crucial work hours that you can use to design business strategies.

Development of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Want to migrate to the cloud without compromising on data security? We offer a range of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions to get rid of this worry. By developing an utterly secured PaaS tool for you, we will endow you with a highly secured cloud migration ecosystem where risks are low, and functionalities are high.

Upgraded System Security and Performance

Our app modernization services will not bog you down and pose security risks. Rather, we will bring performance tuning and enhancement in such a way that the entire migration process will be quick, support optimization, and keep concerned data safe.

Innovation At Its Best

Our cloud enablement is infused with innovation at each stage. While we eliminate outdated technologies, we develop new solutions according to the latest trends, integrate inventive features, and bring modern-day upgrades into action.

Reshaping Of System

Say goodbye to the contemporary system and embrace revolution with INTECH. Our seasoned engineers and architectures will help you spot the scope of improvement and design a re-shaping strategy that will swell your application’s performance, resulting in faster response times and improved user experiences.

Windows to Web/Mobile Migration

Enjoy quick and success-focused Windows to web or mobile migration with us. We will do all the needful that is required to make concerned applications accessible from anywhere and at any time. This migration will take your business presence to a new high.

Move Legacy to Cloud With Least Possible Hassles

Don’t remain behind in the era of modernization. Let’s handle the legacy to cloud migration and streamline the entire process of unmatched business continuity support. Our migration plans align best with your goals and deliver expected outcomes.

Resolution For All Your Migration Problems

Our team of migration doyens will take every bullet that the migration process will dodge on you. We can manage the database migration, will have strategies ready to keep downtime on lower sides, and even won’t let you be burdened with technical debt.

Make A Move Towards Stress-Free Migration

While moving to the cloud is the need of the hour, it does not have to be a headache and cause operational delays. It should empower you, and INTECH ensures this happens with its expert-legacy application migration services. Move to the cloud, have hands-on modern applications, integrate all the applications, and reconstruct outdated architecture without being overburdened. Our skilled developers carry out the migration process in a phased manner, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations. As we manage data migration, code refactoring, app modernization, data migration, and API integrations with precision, you’re bound to experience better ROI on your cloud migration investments.