INTECH is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises.

Team Anant - INTECH

INTECH Charter

We are INTECH, a global self-led technology conglomerate, passionate for excellence and innovation, making difference to the businesses since 2003.

We are a trusted and committed growth partner for our customers with profound listening to their needs. We are reliable, transparent, and easily accessible in all circumstances.

Our purpose is to create a healthy, wealthy, and happy life for all INTECHians – our customers, clients, investors, associates, employees, and their families.

We provide futuristic and sustainable solutions to real-world challenges

Our Values

    • Integrity: It is a matter of honoring one’s word which creates workability, builds trust and lifelong relationships World knows us by our word.

    • Authenticity: Being courageous to be authentic about one’s inauthenticity. We are real, honest and transparent with ourselves and others.

    • Equality: We ensure fair and equal opportunities to make most of one’s talent as well as life, free from any discrimination.

    • Causality: We are cause in the matter in realizing desired future. We give up the right to assign cause to the circumstances or to others.

    • Quality First: Delivering only quality products and services that provides fulfilling experience to our customer. It is our joyful habit not an act.

    • Agility: We are vigilant and embrace the change. We act quickly and sensibly to challenges and opportunities.

    • Being People-centric: We have a culture which brings the best out of our people. Our people are our source.

We are INTECH. We work together – live together – grow together.
We dare to make it happen!

Empowring Future for All

INTECH creates technology-empowered solutions with industry-leading processes and technologies that deliver business value to global clients through year-on-year savings. We are known for our ability to work in true partnership with clients to innovate and bring cost reduction along with enhanced product quality.

INTECH Creative Services’ alliances allow for effective use of resources, modern knowledge and technology. With competitive positioning and complete transparency, INTECH Creative Services and clients together achieve success.

Applications Built




Being Team

  • We, Being team INTECH, are the possibility of co-ordinated actions causing ever expanding growth for all.

  • We stand for the realization of future which INTECH is committed to fulfill.

  • We are commited to provide and nurture an enviorment for leadership and high performance.

  • We are accountable for Integrity and Authenticity.

“INTECH is an integral part of our product engineering team from the last 12 years, they are now more than half of our entire workforce for Zodiac.”

Henry Kowk

Director IT, DP World Asia Holding Limited (DPWAH).

“INTECH technical expertise coupled with their collaborative and innovative culture made them a perfect fit for our software development needs.”

Joseph Haber

CIO, Cheney Brothers, Inc.

“INTECH has been a great partner who has delivered on time and on budget and always willing to help and we’ve grown to trust them over our initial engagements.”

Peter Feldman

CTO, SourceDay.

“INTECH’s forte was to reach out to other team members to deliver the WOW experience and filled all the gaps to save time in deliver and documenting code base in very depth.”

Badre Maktari

Director of Business Technology, RSA Global.

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