Our Leadership

Welcome to INTECH’s Leadership, where we champion a values-driven approach to leadership that revolves around Operating from Integrity, Authenticity, Equality, and Being People-Centric. Our Leaders firmly believe that leadership is not about titles or positions, but about making a positive impact and causing many breakthrough moments for both individuals and organizations.

At INTECH, we are proud to have leaders who exemplify these values in their daily actions. Our Leadership’s commitment to this philosophy ensures a positive, inclusive, and dynamic workplace where everyone can thrive and contribute to our collective success.

Core Leadership Team

Leading with Integrity, Authenticity, and Equality for Breakthrough Results

Dhiren Sanghadia

Managing Director

Senior Leadership Team

Leading with Integrity, Authenticity, and Equality for Breakthrough Results

Executive Leadership Team

Deep Patel

Sr Vice President Talent Acquisition

Tapan Pathak

VP Business Development

Romil Shah

VP Account/Finance

Paresh Rathod

Program Manager Delivery

Arun Bhimani

Sr. Solution Architect

Dhiren Sanghadia

Managing Director

Dhiren Sanghadia is the Managing Director of INTECH. He is committed to fostering a culture of self-development and social responsibility among his dedicated team members. With over 25 years of dynamic leadership experience, He had the privilege of empowering more than 10,000 individuals on their journey toward personal and professional advancement.

Dhiren’s hands-on involvement in multiple industries allowed him to play a pivotal role in shaping his innovative technology company, collaboratively working with his exceptional team. His contributions span diverse facets of our organization, including driving business growth, spearheading sales and marketing efforts, thought leadership, overseeing Innovation & product development, and making strategic decisions. A dream can become a reality when you dedicate 100% of your efforts to your vision, and it’s this commitment that enabled him to establish this company.

Dhiren began his career in the realm of sales, driven by a natural inclination to connect with individuals. This path led to numerous achievements and commendations from esteemed clients and customers. Later, he transitioned his focus towards becoming a seminar leader, a transformation that enabled him to acquire essential skills. As a seminar leader, he established a robust global network that has proven invaluable throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

Dhiren is inspired by the possibilities that collaboration and shared values can bring. He look forward to continuing their collective efforts to make a positive impact on his team, their organization, and society at large.

Apart from managing this enterprise, Dhiren launched Innexia, a top-tier range of IoT-based ‘Smart Home Solutions’ designed for residential spaces, workplaces, and commercial structures. His aspiration is to enhance the world’s quality of life by infusing smart technology into every facet of our existence.

Started with a quote – Changing and influencing people’s mindsets are related but distinct concepts. “Changing mindsets” suggests a more profound shift in beliefs, while “influencing” encompasses various methods to guide choices and actions. Both aim to impact people but with differing approaches and goals.

Viren Sanghadia


Viren Sanghadia is an enthusiast, visionary entrepreneur having a wide range of experience over 24+ years in providing creative, unique and cost effective solutions to complex business challenges.

He has an unshakable stand for self-lead and value-driven culture inherited from the business oriented yet joint family background. Before founding INTECH,He has seasoned himself while serving at various MNCs like L&T, HCL and TCS.

Viren has played a key role in crafting a high performing team at INTECH, that keeps delivering remarkable projects in various domains like port & terminal, supply chain, logistics, freight forwarding, eCommerce and retail, etc. This journey rooted in a people-centric approach and harnessed multiple technology and leadership expertise along with business acumen that has made a huge transformative impact to the businesses.

Viren’s vision is to revolutionise the end to end supply chain and logistics industry through cutting-edge technology solutions and also keep causing breakthroughs in leadership ensuring sustainable growth for all.

Saurin Shah

Director Finance

Saurin Shah, a Director of Accounts & Finance with 32+ years of experience, is a dynamic leader skilled in team communication and strategic financial planning. His extensive background includes roles such as Leading Business Partner at TCS, Chairman and Managing Director of a listed company, and a Senior Program Leader in a global organization.
Saurin’s career spans Textile, Chemicals, Education, and Digital Technology sectors, evolving from financial control to thought leadership and strategic prowess. He excels in transformational leadership, corporate finance, and business control, showcasing his adaptability and diverse expertise.

Known for thriving on challenges, Saurin has a track record of spearheading strategic initiatives, implementing transformative processes, and ensuring successful integrations. He’s committed to innovation and financial optimization, consistently striving for excellence.

Saurin’s philosophy revolves around nurturing talent and fostering employee growth. He believes that an organization’s success hinges on the thriving of its workforce and actively promotes in-house training and development, reflecting his dedication to empowering teams. Regenerate

Narendra Goswami


Narendra Goswami is a seasoned technology leader, boasting 20+ years of expertise in delivering top-notch, scalable, and secure solutions for a variety of enterprises. Currently, He holds the role of CTO at INTECH, where he has been an integral part of the core team for the past 13 years, leading our exceptional tech team and setting new industry standards.

Narendra’s professional journey has taken him through renowned tech giants, including HCL, Cognizant, and Data Infosys.

Narendra is committed to fostering collaboration in geographically distributed teams and optimising delivery speed with advanced Agile and DevOps methods.

Narendra’s expertise lies in Architecting and designing software solutions for diverse environments, from mobile to edge/IoT, cloud, and enterprise, including custom designs.

Narendra is a strong advocate for data-driven decision-making, driving strategic investments in data platforms, data science, and analytics.

Narendra has a track record of efficiently scalable solutions that align with both operational and security requirements, even in highly regulated settings.

Divyang Pradhan


As an assertive Chief Operating Officer (COO) deeply committed to achieving operational excellence and steering strategic growth, Divyang offers an extensive 12-year leadership journey devoted to enhancing business operations within INTECH. Throughout his career, He has consistently demonstrated an unwavering passion for driving operational efficiency, elevating organizational productivity, and consistently delivering impactful outcomes that drive progress.

Divyang’s professional track record is marked by a series of successful endeavours, including the adept construction of high-performance teams. He has fostered a culture of seamless collaboration, and he has harnessed the power of data-driven decision-making. This commitment has been instrumental in shaping Intech’s success, allowing us to adapt, innovate, and thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

In his capacity as COO, his overarching vision is to inspire transformation and spark innovation continually. He acknowledges the ever-shifting dynamics of the market and the pivotal role that technology plays in shaping our operational framework. His aim is to leverage the cutting edge of technology to refine and expedite our processes, propelling us forward into new horizons of efficiency and effectiveness.

Above all, his unwavering commitment is to deliver unparalleled value. He recognizes that operational resilience is the cornerstone of our sustained growth, and He is dedicated to fortifying this foundation. Simultaneously, He is a staunch advocate for cultivating a culture of perpetual improvement, ensuring that our organization remains at the vanguard of industry standards, consistently adaptive and innovative.

Devashish Patyal

President Delivery

With 15 years of industry experience, Devashish Patyal is a results-driven leader, business driver, and client-centric growth strategist.

As a Core leadership and President Delivery (Delivery Head) at INTECH, Devashish blends diverse domain expertise in Ports & Terminals, Logistics, FMCG, and Retail with a keen understanding of technology. This fusion enables him to provide invaluable insights and innovative tech-driven solutions.

Devashish is adaptable and versatile, allowing him to seamlessly navigate through various roles based on organizational demands.

Devashish is passionate about crafting leadership, building high-performing teams, and delivering tailored solutions as a business-aligned solution provider.

Devashish brings a technology-agnostic flavor to his work, ensuring that he can effectively lead and drive businesses towards success while delivering tailored solutions to complex challenges.

As per Devashish He is here to make a meaningful difference through dedication, trust, and innovation.

Deep Patel

VP Talent Acquisition

Deep Patel is a Talent Acquisition Enthusiast and Leader with more than 14 years of experience into Hiring across domains and geography. For him Talent Acquisition is a noble profession through which many careers and dreams are fulfilled.

He currently serves in the capacity Senior Vice President – Talent Acquisition at INTECH since last 3 years and leads a dynamic team of Talent Acquisition Specialists.

He is privileged to work with successful names like JP Morgan, Teleperformance and now INTECH helping him evolve as a leader daily.

Deep is committed to create INTECH as a preferred employment brand for all aspirants by developing key Talent Acquisition strategies to fulfil INTECH’s milestones.

With a proven track record of hiring right person for the right job he also emphasizes and stands for the cultural fitment and sustainability of the incumbent brings to INTECH.

He practices combination of Being People Centric and Data Analytics to bring the best out of the People and their Talent.

Ashish Godbole

VP Delivery

Ashish Godbole is a dedicated technology enthusiast with an extensive track record spanning over two decades in the Information and Technology industry. He brings a wealth of expertise to the areas of product and project delivery. As an integral part of Intech’s core team, He has been instrumental in pioneering an automated approach for the successful delivery of intricate projects.

Ashish’s contributions encompass a wide spectrum, from fostering strong client relationships and steering the right methodologies to driving business growth, adept team management, and fostering a culture of innovation. He has consistently demonstrated a strong ability to manage, develop, and deliver strategic customer partnerships and managed service programs. His focus has consistently been on creating an exceptional customer experience that extends throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Throughout his career, Ashish has had the privilege of working with a diverse array of industries, where he has played highly effective roles, further expanding my professional repertoire.

Tapan Pathak

VP Business Development

Tapan is a certified MS Dynamics 365, ITIL (F), Block Chain, Six Sigma Green Belt, and ISO QMS professional with in-depth experience of 18+years across strategic business development practices for organisations engaged in designing and implementing enterprise technology services, ERP and custom IT solutions. He has excellent understanding of business dynamics, strategic business practices and continuously updated market knowledge. Started as a developer, grew to solution analyst and moved to business development, having handled senior techno-commercial role for a long time in his career.

He possesses comprehensive domain grasp across functional areas viz. Retail & Distribution, Manufacturing, Logistics and Services sectors. He is focused on new market development, large customer acquisition, defining measurable outcomes, presenting results to key stakeholders, budgeting and department cost optimization, identifying avenues for new business, vendor and partner management.

He has field exposure of visiting more than 17 countries in his career span and thus, has vast understanding of global culture and ability to utilize knowledge for business expansion and new market development.

Romil Shah

VP Account/Finance

Romil Shah is a distinguished Chartered Accountant boasting a wealth of over 18 years of seasoned expertise across diverse financial and accounting domains. His multifaceted skill set spans accounting, auditing, financial reporting, and taxation, demonstrating his comprehensive grasp of financial intricacies.

Throughout his illustrious career, Romil has made significant contributions to both the Oil & Gas and IT sectors, assuming pivotal roles that underscore his adaptability and strategic acumen.
Currently serving as the Vice President – Finance & Accounts at INTECH since July 2022, Romil plays a pivotal role in steering the company’s financial landscape. His leadership is marked by a proactive approach to financial reporting, adept cash flow management, meticulous strategic planning, rigorous risk analysis, and effective budgeting. Romil’s influence extends to overseeing cost allocation, ensuring statutory compliances, and managing the overall financial operations of the organization. Under his guidance, INTECH benefits from a financial steward who combines technical proficiency with a forward-thinking approach, elevating the company’s financial standing and ensuring its sustained growth in a dynamic business landscape. Romil Shah is a driving force behind the financial success and resilience of INTECH, embodying the essence of a seasoned leader in the financial realm.

Paresh Rathod

Program Manager Delivery

Paresh Rathod is an intrinsically motivated and enthusiastic professional with a diverse and multifaceted portfolio. His leadership style is anchored in customer-centricity and performance-driven excellence, underpinned by a well-documented history of fostering high growth and cultivating global teams.

Throughout his 22 plus year’s career, he has carved a reputation for crafting innovative delivery and communication strategies that resonate with clients. Presently, he holds a leadership role within the core leadership at INTECH, where he continues to drive the organization towards greater success. As a critical thinker, he eagerly embraces challenges and relishes the opportunity to showcase his leadership prowess and problem-solving capabilities.

Paresh’s wealth of experience has endowed him with an in-depth understanding of various facets of business, including client communications management, ERP (specifically Oracle) business requirements, e-commerce operations, and client servicing. Notably, his career trajectory has spanned multiple industries, including e-commerce and ERP. This cross-industry exposure has not only enriched his skill set but has also afforded him a unique vantage point that is both culturally diverse and adaptable. Drawing from these experiences,He has developed an agile and analytical approach to spearheading and executing end-to-end projects and overseeing comprehensive operations management. In this capacity, he has closely collaborated with clients and engaged with executive leadership to ensure seamless execution and delivery of strategic initiatives.

Arun Bhimani

Sr. Solution Architect

As a highly motivated and dedicated Senior Solution Architect, Arun brings over 16 years of experience in crafting technology and architectural solutions that tackle intricate business challenges. In his role as an integral member of the core team at Intech, he takes pride in motivating and aligning our talented professionals with INTECH’s mission.

As a leader of the Centre of Excellence department his role is to design and develop robust IT systems, leveraging an array of technologies, including Java, IoT, AI/ML, RPA and many more. His expertise spans across various domains, including Port and Logistics, Manufacturing, Rental Fleet, Transport, and Home Automation. His competencies extend to Data Modeling for both OLTP and OLAP, Business Intelligence Reporting, Data Architecture, and Data Visualization.

He holds esteemed certifications as an Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer (OCPJP 6) and a SpringSource Certified Spring 3.0 Professional. His portfolio showcases numerous successes, ranging from Enterprise Mobility Apps, Data Warehouses, ERP solutions, AI/ML-driven Smart Apps & Bots, Home & Industrial automation, and Robotic Process Automation.His experience also encompasses a demonstrated proficiency in cloud and enterprise architecture, enterprise mobility, security frameworks and integrations, product transformation, operational optimization, and enhancing customer engagement.

He has closely contributed his expertise to several distinguished IT organizations like Divine Instruments, Aegis Limited, Tata Consultancy Services and have been an integral part of the Intech team since 2016.