Cloud Migration services

Need help from experts to understand where to start this process from, what to do, and how to do it? Ask professionals at INTECH.

If you’re thinking that cloud adoption is just a fad term with short-lived popularity, your organization might suffer. You need to know that 92% of organizations are using a multi-cloud strategy, 79% of businesses managed to do huge cost savings with cloud adoption, and 67% of businesses think that the Cloud is important for scalability. If you’re not moving to the cloud, you’re hindering your growth.

Move to the Cloud for Better Prospects and Unmatched Productivity

At INTECH, we help futuristic businesses to have a strategic cloud migration solution in that place. With our help, small to large-scale organizations have the potential to leverage the full power of the cloud. We can unlock new cutting-edge cloud technology that will enhance your operations, eliminate transition hurdles, and help you save a huge deal of time and effort as and when you migrate to the cloud.

With our time-tested cloud migration services, businesses don’t have to go through a complex and challenging process. We simplify the entire cloud migration journey for you, speed up the process without compromising on quality, and endow you with a smooth and efficient transition that aligns with your business goals.

Cloud Migration - The Indispensable Today’s Need

In simple terms, cloud migration is the process of moving all your legacy and on-site resources over the cloud so that they become easily accessible and fully optimized. In professional parlance, we call cloud migration a strategic process of transferring digital assets, like applications, data, and infrastructure, from on-premises or legacy systems to cloud-based platforms.

As a business takes the help of cloud migration services, it makes a move to:

This transformational stunt is underpinned by the fundamental objectives of enhancing agility, scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness within an organization’s IT ecosystem.

Why to Invest in Cloud Migration?

Out of all the investments that you make to keep your venture up and running, availing of cloud migration services will be your best bet ever. When done by the hands of cloud migration experts, this is going to benefit you on multiple fronts.

Unmatched Scalability

Cloud solutions can scale up or down in the blink of an eye and promise you that they will handle workflow fluctuations without over-provisioning or incurring unnecessary costs.

Huge Cost Savings

When you don’t have to invest heavily in buying, setting up, and maintaining the on-premise infrastructures, you have a great deal of operational cost. You can pay-as-you-go and get suitable subscriptions for cloud services and solutions.

Great Business Continuity

Unlike on-premise tools that can be used only when your team has them on their desk, cloud solutions are accessible anytime and from anywhere. Hence, you continue to perform and deliver.

Unbreakable Security

Don’t let sensitive data slip away from your hands. Put unbreakable security with cloud security solutions like SSL encryption, user access control, 2FA, firewall, and many more.

Stay Connected

As cloud applications are remotely accessible, you can carry your business data along with you and connect with the team with a single click.

The Process Behind Effective Cloud Migration

The expert-led cloud computing services and solutions of INTECH are streamlined, and the processes we follow are the best in the market.

We Rehost

INTECH’s Cloud Computing Services and Solutions can help you move the pre-existing IT infrastructure of an organization to the cloud without disturbing anything. You’ll have everything like before but on the cloud.

We Replatform

INTECH will take your existing IT system to the cloud and will add or delete some of its components according to your future goals.

We Refactor

Need a complete makeover of your existing IT ecosystem? Hire our Cloud Consulting & Implementation Services to understand your hidden refactoring needs and have fully optimized solutions in place.

We Deliver Quality as We Promise

INTECH’s cloud migration services are best-of-breed as they are designed to uplift and leverage businesses of all sorts. We ensure that you play on your front foot and achieve business goals without any lagging.

Industry’s Best Process

We understand your goals, assess the current ecosystem, select the cloud model that suits your needs, suggest the best cloud service provider, and suggest a migration strategy that aligns well with your goals.

Partnered with the Best Cloud Platform Providers

FINTECH is a certified partner for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and leaves no stone unturned to provide outstanding SaaS enabled software applications.

Perfectly Created Architecture Solutions Design

We take full responsibility for creating end-to-end architecture solutions design so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Hire our cloud consulting services and get complete optimized cloud migration services.

Minimal Downtime for Unbeatable Productivity

We understand the worth of time and don’t keep you waiting to enjoy top-notch cloud security services and cloud migration services.
INTECH starts working on your project as soon as you hand us the responsibility. We don’t cause hindrances in your workflow and deliver optimized cloud computing services and solutions swiftly. With our Cloud expertise and passion, your organization will achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.