Application Re-Platforming

Want to stay ahead, add great business value, and reshape success? The only way out is to avail of application re-platforming services of INTECH, an ideal combination of functionalities and cost-effectiveness.
Our application re-platforming services are designed to empower, support, boost, and leverage your business at every possible front. We carefully eliminate legacy applications, which are burdening you, from your workflow and supply a cutting-edge software suite that aligns seamlessly with your goals and sets the stage for future growth.

Our Application Replatforming Process

We’re equipped to cater to all your application modernization and re-platforming needs.

By identifying the sluggish, outdated, and problematic enterprise applications and giving them a makeover, we give our customers a chance to double-up their market worth and enjoy increased horizontal scalability.

From business re-architecture to the development of cloud-based technologies, we’re here to help you in each venture of yours. While we do so, our professionals don’t follow the troublesome ‘One size fits all’ approach. Rather, we prefer delving deeper into your needs and weaving application replatforming experience that uplifts you. With us, you have a chance to choose quality, results, and unpredictable ROIs.

Success At Every Dimension

Application re-platforming services by INTECH are more than any random service. It’s a way to propel business growth and have your hands on future-proof software. We will help you position your business in a way that you’re ready to embrace digital transformation, design growth-driven cloud applications, and swiftly adapt to market changes.

The Team that Wins all the Time

Our experts are skilled enough to identify the performance bottlenecks in your business architecture and will help you achieve optimized databases and technology stack with our cutting-edge application re-platforming solutions.

Let our technical architecting services promote scalability in your workflows. Our team will deploy modern cloud-native architectures, microservices, and containerization solutions at your service so that you can scale and grow seamlessly.

Security is Our Priority

As you get rid of legacy systems, you reduce security risks for your organization. As a part of application replatforming, we will deploy modern encryption, authentication protocols, and compliance with industry standards to protect your data.

Our approach throughout the process remains holistic, revolves around factors like increased horizontal scalability, and supports enhanced security. The INTECH team makes sure that the data migration, validation, and transformation take place in a manner that data integrity remains reserved from beginning to end.

Our Rich Knowledge Base

What brings success in every application modernization project is extensive technology assessment, understanding of your existing application architecture, close collaboration with the stakeholders, and formulating a custom application re-platforming strategy. This way, we end up delivering product re-engineering services that align with your business objectives.

We have a Refined Workflow in Place

As we move ahead in the implementation of application modernization, our experts identify the most suitable technologies, frameworks, and tools for your re-platforming journey.

We are confident about a 100% success rate because our team remains unwearied of the industry’s quality standards. Our professionals adopt best development approaches, follow best practices, do multiple quality checks, and conduct thorough technical assessments as you choose us for application replatforming.


INTECH is a trusted name to bank upon when it comes to getting rid of legacy applications or breathing new life into them. From reimagining user interfaces, optimizing codebase, and integrating new features to developing fresh cloud applications, our teams of experts are here to make everything possible within the allotted means and time frame.

We have been a constant support for our clients in their application re-platforming journey. Once they hand over the job of application modernization to us, they remain stress-free and can shift their entire attention to business growth.

Experts at our organization help our clients have their hands on Identifying modern technologies, frameworks, and tools that best suit their organizational goals within the allotted budget. As we eliminate legacy applications from your business landscape, we promote scalability, performance, security, and integration so that application re-platforming solutions bring long-term growth and innovation.

What Makes Us Different?

INTECH not only redefines the application architecture and modernizes it, but we also make redefining and redesigning the UIs and UXs of the applications possible so that end-users remain gratified by using our re-factored applications.

We carefully optimize the codebase so that reinventing happens from the core and integrates deeply. To make the application ready for the future, we address hidden and surfaced vulnerabilities and weaknesses. In addition, we ensure compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards.

We promise you smooth execution and deployment of the application re-platforming solution. Our team ensures that there is the least possible downtime and disruptions as transitions take place. We keep a close watch over new and updated cloud applications’ behavior in the live environment and address any challenges before they start causing trouble to you.

We are Always Available to Assist & Serve You

As business re-architecture is an ongoing process, we don’t stop at offering application re-platforming solutions. INTECH extends our help with streamlined maintenance of cloud applications.

To make sure the team remains conformable with upgraded applications and technologies, we even understand the technical competency of your in-house team. INTECH can also arrange training for end-users and stakeholders to familiarize them with the new features and functionalities. All in all, we will leave no stone unturned to make sure the application re-platforming process brings growth and results for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how our goal-focused application re-platforming services can revitalize your business’s digital landscape and propel success.