Smart Port Performance Dashboard

Make accurate and quick decisions with real time KPI data and visual insights

While terminal efficiency directly impacts business profits, the top management must keep an eye on real time Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data to take informed decisions in quick time.

Our Smart Port Performance Dashboard (SmartPPD) assists in monitoring and measuring operations KPIs in real time. Visualize and analyze data from across the organization on SmartPPD, helping you gain valuable insight and drive accurate decision making. 

Business Need

A real time operations monitoring tool helps management to monitor KPIs on the fly and helps in making quick and informed decisions that can result in process optimization, increased productivity and increased profits.

Our Service Offering

Based on our experience in working with the Container Shipping and Logistics industry for over a decade, we offer a technologically advanced and highly customizable, Business Intelligence (BI) solution that can easily integrate with your existing TOS enabling visualization and analysis of data from various systems across the organization.

This solution can interface with any TOS and will pre-cook the data while storing in a data warehouse. 

Solution Details

Our solution can support (but not limited to) following KPIs

Seaside Operation

  • Vessel Summary (moves count)
  • Vessel Productivity (mph)
  • Quay Crane Summary (move count) d. Quay Crane Productivity (gmph)
  • Seaside Operation Summary by Shift f. Vessel/Crane Trends

Yard Operation 

  • Yard Crane Summary (move count) b. Yard Crane Productivity (mph)
  • Yard Operation Summary by Shift
  • Internal Truck waiting/idle time

Gate Operation

  • Lane Summary (truck count)
  • Lane Productivity (Trucks per hour/containers per hour)
  • Gate Operation Summary by Shift
  • Gate Operation Summary by Container
  • External Truck Turn Around Time Summary

The following features are inherently available in ALL the above results

  • Graphical Interactive Chart View
  • Multi-level Drill-down by various parameters (i.e. by visit, by line etc)
  • Rearrangement/Customization of views
  • Alarm/Trend indications
  • Real-time (Fn) auto-refresh

Solution Architecture

Technology Stack

  • Responsive Web UI – Bootstrap, Jquery,AngularJS, NodeJS
  • Cross Platform & Native Mobile App – PhoneGap, Xamarine, Native Android & iOS
  • J2EE Layered Architecture – Java, Spring, JPA / Hibernate
  • Integration – Spring Integration
  • Caching – EhCache
  • Database – Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Business Benefits

With our solution, you will be able to monitor various port KPIs such as Vessel Crane Productivity, Yard Crane Productivity, Gate Productivity, Truck Turnaround time etc on real-time basis from anywhere, anytime on any device (desktop/tablet/mobile). This will result in increased Efficiency and Productivity, Cost Saving, Agile Port Operations, Satisfied Customer, Happy and Confident Team and complete value for money.