Smart Terminal Operating System

A state-of-the-art TOS that is fully customized as per specific business needs. Based on our extensive experience working in Container Shipping & Logistics industry for more than a decade, we promise to deliver a solution that you have always been looking for.

Flexible, Scalable, highly Intelligent and easily Portable Terminal Operating System

Container Shipping has become one of the most growing area in overall Logistics business. With increased traffic, expanding engagement models, complex operations & billing scenarios, automated machineries have mandated any Port Operator to have a modern Terminal Operating System (TOS) that can be flexible, scalable, highly intelligent and easily portable.

Solution Details

We have a wide range of modules to manage the terminal operations.

Berth Planning

Berth Planning is an important aspect of a mature TOS. It supports extensive features such as Berth Definition (length, direction, draft, bollards etc), Multiple Terminal Support, Recording of various Anchorage and Berthing Times (performa, estimated and actual), Visit Scheduling, Graphical Berth View, Chart Views, Tidal charts for draft calculation etc.

Vessel Planning & Operation

Vessel Planning and Operation is one of the most critical activity in a Terminal Operation. We have expertise in various Vessel Graphical Views (Summary View, Cross-section View, Individual Bay View, Current/Future or Planned View).
Vessel Planners can use various features such as crane allocation, crane scheduling, load planning, discharge planning, auto sequencing and complete ‘single click’ auto planning (rule based). Also, included features such as quay crane load balancing, planning restriction definitions, hatch definition and planning etc.
Android based handheld module supports hatch clerk operation including discharge/load confirmations, Crane delay recording, quay side inspection, seal confirmation, pinning station activities.

Yard Planning & Operation

Yard Planning can be a complex task if done manually. However, with a SmartTOS, yard planners will be able to view, plan and maintain efficient yard inventory and optimized yard operation. Our solutions supports Graphical Yard Views (top view, cross-section/bay view, equipment view, current/future or planned view).

We provide various graphical and tabular views that can be used by Yard Planners and Operations staff to view yard queues, segregated vessel/gate related yard operations, truck delays etc. 

Gate Operation

Expanding hinterland for port and various community dynamics requires terminal gate operation to be quick and easy. Our solution supports manual and automated gate operations with full integration to various OCR/RFID based third-party GOS.

A web/mobile based pre-declaration and appointment module comes with eGatepass to expand the reach of the terminal to a remote customers. While an android based handheld gate module can help in eliminating building extra infrastructure such as manned air-conditioned cabins at gate.


Business Benefits

With our solution, you will be able to have highly efficient Port Operations resulting in Operational Cost Saving, Increased Efficiency and overall output, Timely completion of tasks, Informed decision making, Increased Customer Satisfaction and Happy and Confident Team.

We provide end-to-end services starting from Requirement Analysis, Solution Design and Customization, Training and Implementation, 24×7 Post Production Support, Flexible Annual Maintenance Plans.