Revolutionized Customer Engagement with Innovative Online Management Portal

Customer Profile

The client is a leading real estate developer and property manager operating from Dubai. With the purpose of “Building Happiness and Prosperity,” the client designs and develops residential and commercial properties in Dubai using innovative approaches and advanced technologies.

  • Services: Custom Application Development, Enterprise Application Integration
  • Products/Tech Stack: Flutter, Dart
  • Industry: Real Estate

Business Need/Challenge

The lack of a centralized system led the client to face several challenges for customer interactions. The client was earlier using disparate channels and programs to interact with the customers, which led to several issues.

  • Inefficient Customer Interaction: The lack of a centralized system thwarted the client’s attempt to interact with their customers. As they didn’t have a centralized system, problems arose in tracking communication and past interactions, and they experienced delays in responding to customers.

  • Payment Processing Difficulties: The client requires a more streamlined and user-friendly payment system. The existing process is cumbersome and time-consuming and poses issues in tracking and reconciling payments.

  • Ineffective Service Request Management: Customers could not use a dedicated portal to raise service, which means there’s a lack of transparency and an inefficient communication system.

Solutions and Approach

The client required a dedicated solution to interact with their customers and manage their service requests. Without an effective interactive system, the user experience drops like a pack of cards. Hence, the INTECH team worked on the following solution.

The INTECH team designed and developed a multidimensional Online Customer Management System to be embedded within the existing application. This portal will operate as a dedicated customer portal designed to streamline communication, simplify payments, and fast-track service requests.

  • Payment Gateway Integration: Within the portal, our team built a quick pay module to reduce transaction times. Quick payments with multiple options improved customer satisfaction.

  • Service Request Management: A custom-developed service request management portal is developed for efficient routing of requests to the right person. Through the portal, customers can track progress updates and provide real-time information.

The client has an iOS and Android application to bring its customers the best user experience and help them stay connected on the go. To integrate the customer portal, our team decided to use Flutter and Dart for cross-platform app development.

For this, the following technologies were employed by the INTECH team;

  • Flutter: A cross-platform development technology, Flutter eliminates the need to build separate applications for iOS and Android. Using Flutter, our team built a customer management portal to deliver a native-like and responsive user experience.

  • Dart: The programming language that empowers Flutter, we used Dart for its rich ecosystem of libraries and tools. We chose Dart as it’s well-suited for portal structuring and helps build a high-performance application.

Using Dart and Flutter, the INTECH team was able to create a robust and user-friendly customer engagement portal.

Business Benefits Achieved/Results

Building a dedicated portal for the customers caused the client to experience an uptick in customer satisfaction. They can process customer service requests with speed, and the quick pay system has led to a transformative impact of customer experience; here’s how.

  • Frictionless Payments: Customers can now process payments through the Quick Pay module. They can now make secure payments, eliminating the need to visit the client’s office or go through a cumbersome process involving banks, etc.

  • Better Communication: The customers can submit their service requests through the portal, eliminating the need to make phone calls. This further led to faster request processing and resolution, increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Centralized Control and Visibility: The client now has a consolidated view of all the service requests and payments made through the application. At the same time, the customers’ data is saved in a central repository, fostering a culture of transparency.

With these solutions, the INTECH team helped the client create a positive brand image in the market, achieve operational excellence, and enhance customer satisfaction levels.

Why did the Client choose INTECH?

INTECH’s extensive experience in mobile app development and a proven track record of building solutions with a laser-focused approach led them to choose us. We were quick to understand the challenges and recommended a customer-centric solution that led to such impressive results.

Do you also feel that your customers can have a better experience?