Smart General Cargo Management System

State-of-the-art GCMS fully customised as per your needs within reasonable time

To seamlessly integrate technology solution that can cover various disjointed processes from Vessel to Yard to Gate Operation to Billing in a single workflow is a challenge to any technology company. With our extensive expertise in developing ERP systems and based on the vast business knowledge of our team, we offer best in class GCMS.

Business Need

General Cargo Terminal Operation comprises of very complex set of processes. The non-standard nature of the Cargo and its handling processes, makes it a challenging task to produce a standard Terminal Management System that can be readily used by various Cargo Terminals for different types of Cargo. The system needs to be flexible enough to accommodate various changing business scenarios and robust enough to be able to coherently operate.

Our Service Offering

Our GCMS comprises of various modules and can cover business areas such as Vessel Planning & Operation, Equipment & Gear Management, Yard Planning & Operation, Gate Operation, Manifest & Clearance, Billing, Special Services etc.

Solution Details

Our solution can support following functionalities and technologies

Manifest & Cargo Clearance Interface

  • Upload / Manage Manifest
  • Custom hold/release – supports partial release
  • Gatepass Generation – supports eGatepass

Vessel side

  • Berth Allocation and Planning
  • Vessel Planning
  • Vessel Operation (quay side) handheld functions

Yard side 

  • Yard Planning
  • Yard Operation handheld functions
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Tracking and Update

Special Service Requests


  • External User Facing Service Portal
  • Accounting System
  • Third-party equipments

Equipment and Gear Management

  • Equipment Planning
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Gear Allocation and Tracking

Gate side

  • Gate Operation
  • Gate Inspection


  • Vessel wise invoicing
  • Customer wise invoicing (by BOL)

Solution Architecture

Technology Stack

  • Responsive Web UI – Bootstrap, Jquery,AngularJS, NodeJS
  • Cross Platform & Native Mobile App – PhoneGap, Xamarine, Native Android & iOS
  • J2EE Layered Architecture – Java, Spring, JPA / Hibernate
  • Integration – Spring Integration
  • Caching – EhCache
  • Database – Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Business Benefits

With our solution, you will be able to have technologically advanced and highly efficient GCMS operation management resulting in Cost Saving, Increased Customer Satisfaction, Increased Output, Happy and Confident Team and complete value for money.

We provide end-to-end services starting from Requirement Analysis, Solution Design and Customization, Training and Implementation, 24×7 Post Production Support, Flexible Annual Maintenance Plans.