Smart Container Freight Station

Our decades of experience in designing and developing Container Shipping Solutions is at your disposal

Container Freight Station (CFS) is one of the most important aspect in overall Supply Chain Management using containerized cargo. It is imperative to have a modern system that can manage all the processes inside CFS and can integrate well with any Terminal Operating System (TOS).

Based on our extensive experience working in Container Shipping & Logistics industry for more than a decade, we promise to deliver a solution that you have always been looking for.

Business Need

In recent times, Terminal Operating Systems have become technologically advanced, highly reliable, extremely agile and smart. This has resulted in very efficient port operation and processes. An equally advanced CFS solution is a business need driven by these advancements in TOS and requires a seamless integration with a modern TOS. The solution need to be easily customizable and quickly deployable.

Our Service Offering

Based on our experience in working with the Container Shipping and Logistics industry for over a decade, we offer a technologically advanced and highly customizable, workflow-based CFS solution that can easily integrate with your existing TOS. We provide solutions to some of those long-pending problems in CFS operation such as – smart BOL management and LCL handling, efficient Cargo management and tracking within the warehouse, mobile device-based operation management, interface-based integration with TOS and so on.

Solution Details

Our solution can support following functionalities and technologies

BOL Management

  • Create / Edit / Delete Cargo
  • Create / Edit / Delete BOL

Cargo Clearance

  • Custom hold/release – supports partial release
  • Invoicing and Billing – supports ePayment
  • Gatepass – supports eGatepass

Warehouse Management

  • Create / Edit / Delete Warehouse and Yard
  • Demarcation of Storage Spaces (racks/pools etc)
  • Inventory update and Cargo Tracking

CFS Operations – complete workflow

  • Stuff
  • Devan
  • Transload

Gate Operations

  • Cargo Movement
  • Container Movement

Special Requests

Solution Architecture

Technology Stack

  • Responsive Web UI – Bootstrap, Jquery,AngularJS, NodeJS
  • Cross Platform & Native Mobile App – PhoneGap, Xamarine, Native Android & iOS
  • J2EE Layered Architecture – Java, Spring, JPA / Hibernate
  • Integration – Spring Integration
  • Caching – EhCache
  • Database – Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Business Benefits

With our solution, you will be able to have technologically advanced and highly efficient CFS operation management resulting in Cost Saving, Increased Customer Satisfaction, Increased Output, Happy and Confident Team and complete value for money.

We provide end-to-end services starting from Requirement Analysis, Solution Design and Customization, Training and Implementation, 24×7 Post Production Support, Flexible Annual Maintenance Plans.