ERP New Modules and Customization

Outdated ERP systems fail to keep you ahead of the competition. In the era of excellence and modernity, enterprises strive hard to stay ahead of the curve and need an ERP solution that can address evolving needs. With the help of ERP module customization services, businesses have a chance to make it happen.

Fine-tune your ERP System with Modern Modules and Customization

At INTECH, we understood the need and worth of custom ERP solutions way before others and started offering ERP system enhancement services to our clients. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by businesses across industries, we’re able to craft new ERP features that can address those challenges, eliminate inefficiencies, and support growth by all means possible.

Our ERP module expansion processes empower you in your quest for operational excellence without heavy investments. We design, modify, uplift, and customize your pre-implemented ERP solutions, so much so that they start delivering impressive results soon after implementation. No waiting, only instant growth.

ERP Module Customization - Way To Take Functionality At the Next Level

ERP modules are your ticket to streamline specific functions. Each module handles different data and workflow so that the team can make data-driven decisions and do their jobs perfectly. And when all these ERP modules integrate, organizations get a powerful and highly streamlined system. Modules are the tools inside the toolbox named ERP System.

With ERP module customization, businesses can get equipped with modules that handle workflow the way they want. It allows companies to add a particular functionality as and when required without disturbing the entire ERP ecosystem.

It gives you the freedom to start investing in an altogether new ERP system just because it needs one or two added features. Get an ERP module update service from a leading provider like INTECH and unlock new potential and capabilities.

ERP Module Customization Benefits That Are Hard To Ignore

Excellence, expansion, and enhancement are three immediate outcomes of an expert-led ERP module personalization of INTECH. We have a team of experts that frame the new ERP modules with utmost perfection and optimize key operations so that unbeatable efficiency is easy to bag.

Bespoke Solutions

With our ERP model customization, businesses can have ERP modules for distinct needs and requirements. These solutions are the best bet to make as they align well with your needs, address unique challenges, and empower you at a specific front.

Boosted Efficiency

Customization is a sure-shot way to get rid of unnecessary features and automate tasks that hold the utmost significance. It simplifies the layout of an ERP system and makes essential data accessible. Hence, the team can perform better than ever.

Enhanced User Adoption

Customized ERP modules are designed according to the employee’s technical competencies and to fit into the existing system. This leads to better user adoption. Employees are more likely to embrace the software and make it a part of their workflow swiftly.

Huge Cost Savings

ERP module personalization keeps you free from the hassles of buying a new ERP system because of some added functionalities. You can get the required workaround in your ERP systems by simply adding a new module. With this comes great cost savings.  

Unmatched Scalability

ER module customization is a verified way to promote scalability. As businesses grow, their needs change and expand. How viable is it to switch to an ERP system with expanding needs? You can’t do that if sensitive data is involved here. Instead, go for new ERP features deployment. Get whichever feature you want and scale to accommodate growth without a complete system overhaul.

Great Data Security

As you’re now moving out of your main ERP system, you never have to go through the fear of losing key data, data overlapping, unauthorized access, and many more. You get a few features without putting data at risk of breaches and compliance violations.

ERP Module Updates That We Can Handle

INTECH offers ERP software customization services that are way beyond minor tweaking and updates. We can add new ERP features in a range of ERP modules so that our customers can enjoy best-of-breed ERP module expansion in all of its key operations.

Sales & Customer Management

Build strong business-customer relationships, gain in-depth sales insights, identify trends, make strategic decisions, and analyze key data with full accuracy as you can add new features or create an entire new sales and customer management ERP module for you.


We can help you have a fully customized ERP module for handling finance-related operations. With its help, it’s easy to get custom financial reports, enable forecasting and budgeting functionalities, and confirm that ensuring that financial transactions meet industry regulations. 


With our specialized ERP module integration, we can help you upgrade and modify manufacturing ERP modules and fine-tune production schedules. With new features and capabilities, your manufacturing process is going to have less downtime and be more efficient in real-time. Based on your requirements, we can help you have just-in-time inventory tracking.

Supply Chain Management 

Need a quick upgrade in your existing supply chain management module? Hire INTECH’s ERP module development services wherein we can help you facilitate better supplier relationship management, provide deeper insights into supplier performance, and automate order processing. 

When Are You Getting Started With ERP Module Customization

If you dream of great operational efficiencies, you need to have modern and updated ERP modules that can grow with you, bring new capabilities to the table, and uplift your workflows without extensive tweaking.

INTECH has a wide range of ERP module customization case studies as our testaments. Our clients are touching new highs. When are you going to do the same? Reach out to us today before it’s too late.