An Interaction-Ready Online Customer Services Portal Built for Transforming User Experience

Client Profile

The client is a large-scale real estate developer and property management company operating in Dubai. The client constructs and manages some of Dubai’s most prominent residential establishments, which means the client has a large customer base connected to the brand.

  • Services: Custom Application Development
  • Products/Tech Stack: ASP.NET Web Forms and WCF, SQL, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Industry: Real Estate

Business Needs and Challenges

The existing manual customer services system led to delayed request submission and response generation, hindering customer experience. This led to a domino effect on several other aspects of managing the real estate properties for the client.

  • Decentralized System: Since customer service requests, payments, etc., were handled manually through various channels, it bred issues for the customers to find an appropriate solution to address their needs. Moreover, this caused unwanted delays in request processing and information tracking, causing confusion.

  • Limited Visibility Over Operations: The absence of a unified system made it difficult for the management to track customer request status in real time. Failing to gain insights into customer service trends, it wasn’t easy to identify areas of improvement and optimal allocation of resources.

  • Negative Impact: Such delays, confusion, and frustrations negatively impacted customer satisfaction and experience, putting all the goodwill the client had earned at risk.

Addressing their needs, the INTECH team found the solution in terms of a dedicated online customer service portal. This portal was to serve as a central point of contact for the customers to lodge complaints, make payments, and get updated status of their requests.

Solutions and Approach

Analyzing the client’s needs and requirements, the INTECH team identified the pain points for communication and payment updates. We defined user personas to further segment the needs of different customer segments, such as property owners, general inquiries, and tenants. This helped us set the functionality priorities right and build a solution to enhance customer experience.

  • Centralized Service Request System: We built a single platform for the customers to submit service requests. The centralized system is then used to route the requests to the requisite personnel and department.

  • Online Payment Integration: Allow customers to make payments online, facilitating record maintenance and streamlining the transactions process for them.

  • Centralized Management: The manager will get a holistic view of all the requests, payments, and other information, leading to improved decision-making and effective resource allocation.

  • Centralized Management: The manager will get a holistic view of all the requests, payments, and other information, leading to improved decision-making and effective resource allocation.

These solutions addressed the core needs of the client, helping them manage customer requests and queries efficiently. To build these solutions, we choose a well-rounded tech stack to ensure functionality and user experience.

  • ASP.NET Web Forms and WCF: These technologies provided a robust foundation for the online customer service portal to handle complex functionalities and ensure data management.

  • SQL: For database management and ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval, SQL is utilized.
  • JavaScript and jQuery: Used for user interface development. When used correctly, they enhance user experience and enable dynamic interactivity.

  • HTML and CSS: Used to create a visually appealing user interface for the customer services portal.

  • Internet Information Services (IIS): A deployment technology used to host the online platform and ensure flawless accessibility for customers.

Benefits Achieved / Results

The online services portal transformed the user experience for the management and customers. Better user experience translates to higher customer satisfaction and recurring revenue.

  • Higher Efficiency: Centralizing the service request portal, the client experienced a streamlined handling process in different categories. The efficient request routing reduced the average resolution time by 20%.

  • Faster Payments: The online payment system ensures customers can pay their share without any hassle, increasing the payment processing time and leading to a 15% increase in on-time payments.

  • Effective Decision Making: The centralized view of all the interactions, requests, payments, and everything related to customers helped the client identify trends. Using this information, they could optimize resource allocation and make data-driven decisions.

  • Better Customer Experience: The user interaction is delivered through a user-friendly interface, which improves navigation and access to services.

Working as a catalyst of change, the online customer service portal fostered a culture of efficiency and a customer-centric approach to property management.

What led the Client to Choose INTECH?

Frustrated with customer complaints and an inefficient system, the client was looking for a technology partner who could understand their core requirements. The client’s lack of understanding of the importance of a user-centric solution was fulfilled by INTECH’s design and development team, which convinced the client to hire us. Moreover, our experience with delivering large-scale enterprise solutions for other similar companies was also a plus point in our favor.

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