What to look for in a company before accepting the offer.

If you are wondering if you should accept the offer or not. Well, you are not the only one going through this dilemma. Millions of people face this when planning for a job or going for a job change. You need to find a company that you would love to work for to have a successful career stint with it. Since your work hours occupy a major share of your day, you need to be careful to find a good company culture that gives you liberty, happiness, and ownership of your work. 

Only when you are happy, can you deliver the best output and prove beneficial for a company. Here are some points that can help you get the most ideal company where your talents can flourish and your creativity can go beyond realms.

Here are very important points that you need to act upon and consider before accepting the offer.

Research on how Teams function

Suppose you work best in teams and you have exceptional skills in developing inter-departmental bonding. Now let’s say you get a great offer from a company that you find hard to decline. Upon joining, you find out that the company encourages independent working with minimal scope for any interaction with other departments. 

The first few days may work fine for you but then you end up feeling trapped. You start to miss the team and people. This mental discomfort will start showing in your work and your performance will go down the graph. So, it is important that you research thoroughly the company’s culture before deciding to join it to find out whether it matches your interests.

“At INTECH We believe and propagate transparency and freedom for all our staff. That does not mean we have absolutely no workplace rules in place or we let go of any disciplinary misconduct. We ensure a safe and progressive workplace for our employees while at the same let our employees work in the free spirit unleashing all their dreams and passions.”

Use Linkedin to look into company and employees 

LinkedIn can give you a look into a company’s employees, their work experiences, educational background, and job profiles. You can make a rough estimate of how you would grow in the particular company by assessing the growth chart of employees who have been associated with the company for some years now. Find out the best HR practices of the company to see if the company makes efforts to retain old talents and curb attrition. 

Look for Reliability

Reliability is a crucial factor to consider. News updates and press releases can give you an idea about the company’s performance and give you a chance to assess your progress in association with the company. If you see the company takes pride in the growth of its employees, it is a key indication that the company will invest in you both personally and professionally.

“AT INTECH we invest in the Growth of our people and sponsor transformational training for them.” 

Work-life Balance

Work-life balance is one of the overlooked factors during an interview. However, it is a key aspect and should be made clear right from the start. Be transparent about your availability and working hours. A company that values employees’ family time is a haven. Be sure to check if there would be overtime duty hours and if so, how frequent that would be. Tell them about your family responsibility and make sure they understand you are as much needed at home as in the office. So, a balance is needed so that both personal and professional life run in harmony with each other. 

Align your interest

You should also have your questions ready to ask during the interview. Only then you can know whether the company’s interests align with yours and help you to fulfill your career objective. You can ask questions like “How do you choose the best performer?”, “What is the quality that you value the most in your employees?”, “What is the growth chart that I can look up to if I join you?”.

To sum up

No company is perfect but if you see you can expect the things that are important to you in the company, go for it. Trust your guts and if you get a feeling down there that something in the company won’t work for you just abandon the offer and look for something else that suits you more. 

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