The Journey of INTECH

INTECH is a global self-led combination technology company which has been making a mark in the IT field since 2003. They have immense passion for excellence and innovation. Their sole purpose is to serve their customers efficiently and that is the major reason behind the growth of INTECH. At the same time, they have focused largely on improving the work culture so that their employees have no complaints.


INTECH continually recommends technology-empowered solutions which are relevant in the modern-day business culture. They have an ability of working in partnership with their clients to innovate quality products.  

How did it all begin? 

INTECH was started back in 2003 by Mr Viren Sanghadia. He always believes in investing in “Good Solid Citizens’ ‘ who bring trust, integrity, honesty, ethics and the will to succeed. His simplicity and principles have made INTECH a great place to work. He understands opportunities and grabs them with a presence of mind which has made INTECH grow continuously with high-value propositions.  

Milestones INTECH has achieved

INTECH achieved its first big milestone when they opened their offshore development center. Then, they launched their first product in 2011. In 2013, the family increased as INTECH crossed the 100 employees’ mark. In the same year, they started an office in Hong Kong. 

In 2016, they started their first 24×7 offshore support center. The company worked passionately as they managed to open an office in Dubai in the same year as well. 2018 was the year of celebration for INTECH as they completed 10 years of their first offshore support center. Apart from that, they created 200 IT jobs. They started an office in the USA as well. 

Presently, INTECH has crossed 300+ employees and launched a 5 years future game known as “Anant”.   

Awards and Recognition 

INTECH has had a wonderful journey where they started small but then turned the entire company into a global entity. Thus, there have been a lot of people who have recognized their efforts and appreciated them with various awards. 

  1. The most recent award that the company has received defines them as, “Great place to work” in 2020. This award alone is proof that the company culture is fantastic.  
  1. INTECH won the title of, “Best Software Company Gold” in 2019 by GESIA Annual Awards for Excellence. These awards were hosted for the Gujarat ICT industry.  
  1. They won the title of, “Best Software Company SME” in 2018 again by GESIA Annual Awards for Excellence.  
  1. INTECH was also a part of the Vibrant Gujarat 2017 Global Trade Show.  
  1. GESIA even awarded them as the Best Software Development Company in 2014. 


How has this journey been possible for INTECH? 

INTECH has never compromised on their values. They believe in authenticity and integrity. They take care of their customers but, more than that, they take care of their employees.  

Their entire company culture is people centric as they believe that taking care of employees will bring out the best in them. Once the employee is happy, he/she can focus on the work properly and they will deliver high quality work.  

At the same time, INTECH totally believes in equality. They make sure that fair opportunities are given to everyone based on their skill set and talents. Also, if someone is passionate to learn about something and step up in their career, INTECH provides training sessions and workshops to them.   

These are some of the things that INTECH does for their employees. Apart from that, they focus on their customers too. They usually listen to their customers’ demands and try to bring their vision to life. The company only believes in delivering class apart from work. 

What makes INTECH different? 

INTECH is majorly winning on their unique and flexible company culture. They encourage their employees to fall in love with their jobs. They have flexible shift timings with normal workload. 

The company believes in celebrating festivals and interacting with the team members on a personal level. In fact, INTECH believes in treating their employees as a family.

INTECH runs a lot of programs to encourage their employees on a monthly basis. One of the unique programs that they conduct is known as, “Failure of the Month”. They believe that failures help in the learning process and lead to growth. So, the employee that has made a mistake or failed at something is valuable as he/she has opened the window of learning for everyone in the office. The best part is that they even give a bonus to the employee who fails at something to convey the message that, “It is okay to fail because people who try fail. People who are doing nothing will never fail.”  

INTECH always has a friendly approach with their employees. The doors of the management are always open and employees can come and discuss their concerns or queries with them freely. At the same time, the company also makes sure that the employees receive their salary timely. There are no delays as they want to offer security of on time salary to their employees.  

The employees further claim it to be a great place to work as they have the freedom to choose their own way to get their work done. INTECH is just concerned with high quality work and timely submission. They do not have a specific path that the employees need to follow. This gives the employees a chance for creative freedom and an interest in their work. 


The journey of INTECH has been wonderful and the company plans on growing even further. Everything has been possible because of the support from the employees and trust from their customers. INTECH is innovating every day so that they remain relevant in this fast-paced world.  

They are finding unique ways of serving their clients and employees. INTECH is surely a great place to work as their approach is people centric. It is wonderful to see companies changing their traditional work culture and incorporating flexible work culture while giving utmost importance to work-life balance.