How career growth at INTECH looks like for women?

INTECH is a global technology conglomerate that is passionate about excellence and innovation. It was established in 2003 and is making a difference in the business since then. It has won a lot of awards in its field and also expanded its offices internationally.

woman at INTECH

The best part about INTECH is its fantastic company culture. They are a people-centric organization and they actually treat their employees as if they were members of the family. They have their utmost attention on their clients as they believe in delivering top-notch work on time, going above and beyond for them to provide sustainable solutions that can solve real world problems with futuristic outlooks on how things could be in 10 years from now!

What does INTECH do differently for women employees?

INTECH does not discriminate based on any gender or religion so anyone can feel comfortable here while being given equal opportunities at every turn possible. The company believes in giving leadership opportunities to everyone who is up for a challenge, this makes it a great place to work for everyone regardless of gender or ethnicity because there aren’t any boundaries here at all – just limitless opportunities

However, the best part of INTECH is that it is very flexible in its structure. For example, it allows its female employees to punch in late. All they need to do is finish their stipulated hours of a shift. There is no force of joining the office at a particular time like the traditional company culture

INTECH offers equal opportunities to women in leadership roles. If a woman employee is skilled, they believe in promoting them and exploring their potential to the fullest. Many women are now part of ‘iVOLT’ that is INTECH’S Vision Oriented Leadership Team. To encourage and empower every employee to take on leadership, INTECH is known for conducting transformative training and development workshops for interested and deserving employees. As a woman, you can expect excellent career growth as well as remarkable personal and professional development at INTECH. 

Safety for women employees

INTECH has a safe and healthy company culture. Women employees will not feel unsafe working late in the office. They perform background checks on the staff that they recruit. At the same time, they make sure that everyone is at the best of their behavior.

They also have an in-house committee for women. Hence, if an employee feels unsafe at any given point of time, they can immediately report the issue to this committee. The committee will look into the matter promptly and make sure that the particular women employee feels safe. 

Things that INTECH believes in


This is something that INTECH believes in very closely. They do not judge or promote anyone based on their gender. They merely promote deserving employees. At the same time, they strongly believe in the policy of equal pay.


INTECH believes in having a warm and welcoming company culture where everyone is given the opportunity to be themselves. The management also interacts with their employees and is always open to comments and suggestions from the staff. Hence, women are also allowed to voice their opinions and their suggestions are considered as well.


INTECH strongly adheres to this as they believe that this is the only way in which trust is built between the company and its employees. Thus, if they promise a promotion, bonus or raise to their employees, they adhere to it.


INTECH believes in hiring talent that is deserving and skillful so that they can deliver quality work to their employees. In the process, they do not see if that employee is a man or woman. They just focus on quality and thus, every deserving female gets a chance. 

Other perks of working at INTECH

INTECH focuses on celebrating different days as they believe that it is an essential activity for team bonding. They usually celebrate Women’s day every year to make their female employees feel special. In fact, all the arrangements and decorations are done by the male staff of the office.

Apart from that, they celebrate other days like Independence Day, holi and tree plantation day amongst various others. They even have a sports day and annual day of their own where all the employees are expected to participate equally.

INTECH is a great place to work as they even offer health insurance to all their employees. Thus, they take great care of all their employees. In fact, INTECH is also planning to start giving insurance to the family of their employees. They offer:

  • Corporate Mediclaim policy of Rs.3 lakhs
  • Term plan insurance of Rs.25 lakhs
  • Personal accident policy for employees of Rs.15 lakhs

Thus, INTECH makes sure that all its employees are protected. They even take care of their well-being as they have especially formed an in-house well-being committee. This is a great initiative as women can go and talk about their issues openly with this committee. Also, this committee strives to come up with practical and innovative solutions for all its employees. 

Happy Hour at INTECH

The company focuses on making its employees happy and so, they have recreational activities every month. They celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of all the employees and that hour is known as “Happy Hour”. They even have award ceremonies every month when they give “Employee of the month” to the best performer. The award function has a category of “Learner of the month” as well. This award is given to the employee who made a glitch or a mistake and gave the opportunity to everyone to learn from it.

It is a very innovative initiative. They also host competitions of creativity and fun every month that encourage all the employees to take part.    

Why is it a great place to work?

INTECH is a great place to work as they have no language barriers. People can communicate in any language of their preference with each other. At the same time, employees call each other by their first names as this makes the company culture a little casual. 

Women working offshore can wear smart casuals. Only employees attending business meetings need to wear formal clothes. Also, most of the teams have a working week of Monday to Friday. INTECH believes in work-life balance and this is advantageous for women employees as they can balance their career as well as home. Thus, it is a great place to work for women.