The culture of recognition and celebration

Since its inception, INTECH has seen multifold growth year by year as a thriving IT company as well as a family of extraordinarily committed employees. INTECH is one of the top companies with the highest employee retention rate. Thanks to its well-established and deep-rooted culture of recognition and celebration.

Employee recognition is a management practice through which the management expresses their gratitude towards employee’s contributions, and lets the employees be aware of how they are doing and that their contribution is being valued and rewarded. Through recognition, the employees have the taste of success.

Employee recognition has been implemented across many organizations for decades as an effective management strategy. However, INTECH is one of the few companies where employee recognition and rewarding is a very integral part of the company’s culture, and the process and the method of recognition mature naturally as the company grows. One of the cornerstones of INTECH’s culture is to create leaders who take ownership of their respective jobs and departments. Most of the employees are being led to bring out their best and give optimum performance. This very culture of creating leaders makes it natural to recognize, reward, and celebrate the extraordinary performances of the employees.

Giving shoutouts is really important. A person knowing he has done a good job is great, but hearing it from his boss and seniors or the CEO of the company is even better! This public acknowledgment is a great way to inspire and motivate people.

The goal of employee recognition and celebration in the workplace is to reinforce particular behaviors, practices, or activities that result in better performance. At INTECH what is at the source of the culture of recognition and celebration arising naturally as a core company value is the company’s commitment to making a holistic and lasting difference in its employees’ lives.

Creating a culture of recognition requires intention and the ability to recognize and highlight the numerous contributions team members make in their daily work. It requires all the team members to model this behavior so that recognition comes from the entire team and not just leaders. At INTECH, the culture of recognition is led by example. The leaders encourage others to give recognition where it’s due, so they regularly call out the great things their employees are doing. Praise is massively appreciated when it comes from the people you work with every day.

INTECH leaders are great listeners and they put in great efforts learning about the significant contributions of the quieter employees who may not be as quick to toot their own horns. They give recognition to all employees instead of praising the same few people repeatedly. Second, they recognize both big and small accomplishments. This allows them to share in the employees’ achievements more frequently rather than waiting for major wins to come up.

Also, an important aspect to notice is just because leaders and teammates are praising one another doesn’t mean people feel like their work has really made a difference. “Common recognition phrases like ‘great job,’ ‘nice work,’ or ‘thanks’ lose their meaning because they are used so frequently. Recognizing, articulating, and letting people know what difference they have specifically made is one of the leadership qualities that the INTECH leadership has mastered. And it really leaves people with very empowering feedback for their work and the specific difference they have made. This also enables the employees to build on their strength brick by brick.

It is important to realize that recognition preferences are differ person to person and those preferences may also change, and they may be different for someone starting their first job or for someone who needs a flexible work environment to attend to family needs. It’s important to connect with the team to understand their needs for what matters to them the most.

INTECH management gives lot of importance to ongoing training and development and rewards their employees in many different ways, such as internal movement or providing visibility and exposure to executives and other parts of the organization. As a team, they also work on a variety of different projects and stretch assignments, which allows them to work with and recognize the efforts of other INTECHIANS on different teams.

At INTECH employees are encouraged to continuously look for opportunities to learn new things. This can be simply reading an article on latest tech development to enrolling for courses to update their skills. In addition to the recognition for their hard work, special rewards are offered to those who achieve new certifications.

The achievements are recognized and celebrated company wide in House Calls, in person and also on the social media page of the company. Another way the extra ordinary performances of the employees is recognized is through raises and promotions. The assessment for potential promotions happens at least twice a year.

Summery: It’s important to create a culture of recognition in your team. This will allow you to highlight the contributions that each member makes, and by extension, their value as an employee. Acknowledge your employees for what they do well on a regular basis so that they know how much you care about them and appreciate all that they accomplish at work. Start today! Make it part of your daily routine to recognize someone who has gone above and beyond or helped another person on the team out with something big – we bet this new habit is easy once you get started (and don’t forget to thank yourself too!