An Online Payment Portal to Make Property Installments Effortlessly

Customer Profile

The client is based out of Dubai and has an enterprise-level real-estate development and management business. Managing more than 25 properties across the country, the client has a wealth of customers who are regularly making property installments against their residential and commercial properties.

  • Services: Custom Application Development, Enterprise Application Integration
  • Products/Tech Stack: ASP .NET MVC Core, JavaScript, WCF Services
  • Industry: Real Estate

Business Needs and Challenges

Working in a rapidly evolving landscape, the client was troubled with the existing property installment payments system. The cheque-based payments property installment system has several limitations and poses management challenges for the client.

  • Payment Processing Issues: Managing the physical cheques of hundreds of customers and ensuring timely updates of records is a monumental task. It’s a time-consuming and error-prone process, and even a single mistake can breed confusion and delays, which hinders customer experience.

  • Limited Transparency: The customers lacked visibility regarding their payment history, status updates, and upcoming installments. Without an online portal, the property owners cannot access the required information.

  • A Lack of Payment Experience: The over-reliance on a cheque-based system restricts customers to a single option, which is always inconvenient.

To address these challenges, the client needs a modernized payment system with multiple options, enhancing transparency and customer convenience.

Solutions and Approach

The INTECH team implemented a Property Installment portal boasting the required features to make secure online payments against the property installments. As the

  • User-Friendly Platform: The INTECH team curated a user-centric design with a visually appealing interface and clear navigation. The intuitive interface made it easier for users to access payment history and upcoming payments.

  • Online Payment Gateway: This secure payment gateway has multiple options for facilitating secure payments, effectively eliminating the need for cheque-based payments.

  • Payment History: Payments made through online modes and cheques can be seen on the online platform, which the users can access with secure login credentials.

These solutions address the core challenges facing the client, helping them access the required information as and when required. With the users getting a better way to make payments, the management also has a better way to update the payments and maintain records.

With our expertise in curating customized portals for our clients, we also handpick the best tools and technologies for every part of the job.

  • ASP.NET MVC is used to build a robust framework and develop the payment portal’s core functionalities.

  • WCF Services: To ensure effective data security and management, we used WCF services. It also facilitates secure communication between the payment portal and the relevant systems the client is using for property management.

  • JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML: These four technologies are combined to build dynamic features and interactive elements for the portal. We used them to create visually appealing interfaces with easy navigation.

  • Internet Information Services is used to deploy the payment portal.

Benefits Achieved / Results

The portal we built has delivered revolutionary results for the client by offering them an effective way to track and manage all payments.

  • Higher Payment Efficiency: The online portal is streamlining the way payments are made, effectuating an increase of 10% in on-time installment payments. This number is expected to increase as more users get to know about the portal and enjoy the convenience of online payments.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: The ease of making payments online has led to at least a 15% increase in customer satisfaction levels. They can also track payments made through the portal and maintain a record.

  • Real-Time Visibility: The client and its users will get real-time visibility into the payments made through the portal.

Why did the Client Choose INTECH?

Facing the payment management challenges, the client needed a trustworthy and agile team to understand their concerns and recommend a better way to manage everything. Our experience and expertise in building secure and customized solutions impressed the client to schedule a meeting and discuss the requirements.

Are you looking for a secure payment solution as well?