Top logistic management – All You Need To Know

Top 10 Logistics Management Software

In today’s highly competitive market, it has become essential to make sure that as a business, your services and products are always available and easily accessible to consumers.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 logistic management software available in the market. We’ll also cover what to look for in a good logistic software and finally, we’ll also discuss if it makes sense to develop a custom  logistic management software for your company.

What is logistics management software?

With logistics management software, you can manage all the processes of wholesale distribution companies, including transport management, freight management, and logistics management, with ease and comfort.

It improves efficiency by optimizing processes, both in the management of the supply chain and in making decisions quickly, dynamically, and with high effectiveness.

An ERP software for logistics management can support a wide range of functionalities to optimize the management of logistics distribution such as an advanced procurement module, with the automation of purchases based on demand forecasts, supply rules and other factors such as delivery times, current existence, order point, minimum existence, minimum purchase. All this is based on historical data from previous periods, etc. In addition to that, it is fully flexible and adaptable to varied types of business conditions.

You can find variable rates as well as price policies adjustable to market circumstances. There is always a possibility of transportation management, route allocation, and distribution optimization. When there is effective freight management, it also helps in cost reduction and better decision making.

It helps in permanent and real-time analysis of the company’s situation, so you have detailed data at your disposal at all times. Thanks to this, you can make fast and informed decisions through user-definable indicators that have navigation to the origin of the information.

Some of the most evident benefits of using logistics management software are as follows:

1) Optimizes The Supply Chain

It offers fast and error-free service. Software for logistics management increases its efficiency by mechanizing the entire process, making purchase proposals, managing the availability, preparing, checking, and shipping to offer the service quickly and without errors.

2) The Loyalty Of Your Customers

It improves the image of your company vis-à-vis customers by establishing and complying with the agreed delivery times and under the conditions stipulated with the minimum investment in administration and inventories.

3) Offers A 360º View Of Customers And Marketing

You can easily anticipate the needs of your customers. With comprehensive logistics management software, you can achieve a 360º view of your customers. This can help you improve the scope of your marketing actions. Real-time information on all the processes helps you know the needs of your customers and also anticipate them.

4) Optimize Internal Processes

You can reduce the time spent on regular administrative processes. Task automation, job assistants, integrated document management, and online work from warehouses to help you reduce the time spent on distribution processes and offer instant access to information.

5) Reduce Stock Investment

You can also massively reduce investments on your stocks. With the help of a logistics management software, you get to adjust the stocks to the demand. It also helps you reduce the stocks that you have in the stores. Accuracy in inventories and programming according to forecasts optimize warehouse management to fit the needs of orders.

6) 24X7 Availability

You can manage your business at any time and from anywhere. The business solutions offered by logistics management software are perfect. It is designed for Cloud Computing so the processes can be managed from any location and with full availability. You can also adapt your management platform as per your specific needs. The logistics and transport management ERP software are designed with a view to adapt the circuits to specific needs, with the least effort and without the problem of subsequent evolution and maintenance.

Top Features You Should Look For In A Logistics Management Software.

  • Automate Operations Between Warehouses

A good logistics management ERP software works with different types of warehouses, both home-owned and regulatory warehouses (acting as supplier warehouses) and regulated warehouses (acting as customers). It generates automation that helps in avoiding unnecessary and duplicate operations. It should also handle different purchase proposals that help to analyze them and decide the winner. The firm step of a proposal can be automatic or assisted.

  • Automatically Generates Proposals And Purchase Orders

Logistics management software must have an intelligent and configurable system that determines and optimizes the purchases to be made by the company. It is based on multiple elements such as demand forecast, the weighting of sales of previous years and months, available stock, minimum purchase, order point, multiple lots, etc. The information should be configurable for each supplier and article.

  • Integrally Manage Returns To Suppliers

A good logistics management software offers a specific circuit for the management of returns caused by different reasons (expiration, damage, breakdowns, items removed, request from the supplier itself, etc.). With all this information, it must evaluate and catalog suppliers based on their quality level.

  • Must Integrate Web Portals, Own, Or Third Parties

The Distribution ERP software must integrate easily with web portals, whether owned by the home company or owned by third parties. This helps to offer advanced management of the sales line itself through the web.

  • Integrally Manage Transport, Routes, And Deliveries

It must also configure the different distribution routes with the ERP distribution software and automate all the documentation required by the vehicles for proper delivery. All information must be subsequently available for further analysis and statistical management.

  • Must Generate Orders

It must generate orders for the supply of special items that are not in the warehouse or are not part of the company’s general product catalog. These orders can then automatically generate a purchase from the corresponding supplier through the ERP distribution software. Upon receiving the material, the service of the merchandise to the customer is automatically enabled. Hence, the entire process becomes more efficient.

  • Registers All The Information

In addition to the features mentioned here, it must also register all the required information related to the conditions agreed with the suppliers. This includes things such as deadlines, notices for renegotiation, planned actions, agreed on prices, billing and payment conditions, etc.

  • Use Advanced Purchase And Sale Rates

With the logistics management software, you must avail of the great flexibility of the prices and general or customizable commercial purchase and sale conditions for customers and suppliers. It also helps to manage rappels and commissions on objectives easily. In the end, you can control the bonuses agreed with customers or representatives.

Top 10 Logistics Management Software

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 logistics management software in detail!

1. Jaix

Jaix can easily be described as one of the best logistics management software on this list. This software offers effective transportation management features of goods and services such as taxi, courier management services, trucks as well as distribution management services. It offers amazing services such as technology advances, growth management services, and an integrated suite. The best part about using this logistics management software is that its software updates come with the best and current trends in the world of logistics. In addition to that, it also allows businesses of all kinds to carry out their activities effortlessly.

2. Carego

You can also try Carego, which provides its users with a comprehensive workflow management service. This software also offers guided logistics management in a step-by-step process. Clients can also make use of the software’s tracking services. Some fantastic features of Carego include its working modules. This means that the software provides its services in different modules. For instance, its application model enables both corporate installations and branch installations. The software also has a central management system where business managers can basically control all their business operations from a single centralized point. Therefore, this software can prove to be extremely handy.

3. WebXpress

The best feature of WebXpress is that it can manage the entire visualized business cycle on a single screen. Some of the most desirable features of this software include fleet management, transportation management, and data warehousing. Thanks to these features, you can manage your complete end-to-end customer activities as well as transportation activities with ease. It also helps you avoid any kind of delays in your services.

4. Ramco

You can also go for Ramco, which is a cloud-based software. This software assists businesses in managing all their end-to-end operations, particularly the transportation of services and goods like courier services. Its features include freight forwarding, 3PL services, and communication, as well as networking. With Ramco, you can establish an intimate business-client relationship using the 3PLs of Ramco. Moreover, using the freight forwarding feature, you can easily view all the end-to-end operations as well as optimize your business income and revenues. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Ramco.

5. Softlink

Softlink provides users with an assortment of business logistics tools. This cloud-based software also offers increased mobility and ease of access. Some features that you can expect from this software are flexible modules and automated freight logistics. Simply put, this software makes it very easy for business managers to carry out their business management activities. In addition to that, you can avail of the software’s different modules and go for the one that suits your needs the best. Moreover, you can also streamline your complete business process as well as automate them in no time with the help of this software.

6. Soloplan

This software has been in use for approximately 20 years now. It is an all-inclusive solution for the forwarding of and the transportation of goods. Its features include documentation management, the management of planning and transport as well as shipping and forwarding. Using this software, you can put all your documentation records and information in an online platform meant for archiving. It also makes the entire process of shipping and forwarding effortless.

7. Obs-logistics

Obs-logistics essentially works by integrating a warehousing management software and a goods transport management system. This allows the software to generate a complex system of business management that is handy for users. It is cloud-based software, and hence, you can access it from any gadget anywhere. It also offers complex and accurate data warehousing processors. Managers can also execute their distribution plans for goods and services with ease.

8. Logisuite

Logisuite offers business logistics management services to all sizes and kinds of businesses. Some of its diverse features include 3PLs, freight forwarding services, and inventory control methods. This software also offers an online tracking system that can help by keeping you updated regarding the activities of your business. In addition to that, you can also access a plethora of freight forwarding services such as air freight exports, pick and delivery services as well as cargo warehouses.

9. Magaya

Magaya is another software that is known for bringing together all kinds of activities and players of a supply chain together. It helps business managers visualize and control said activities for a centralized operation. The best part of this software is its effective distribution system. It offers an easy-to-use and effective distribution system that helps all the players involved in a business supply chain to get an efficient and healthy goods distribution system at their disposal.

10. Sagar

Finally, the last logistics management software that you can consider using is Sagar. Sagar can easily be regarded as one of the most effective yet affordable logistics planning software on this list. It assists business management teams in improving their delivery and services, particularly in purchase management and warehousing. In addition to that, Sagar also boasts one of the best business logistics. Business managers can use this software very easily. This software also assists businesses in improving their existing partnerships to ensure that they can increase and grow their incomes. You can also count on this software to control your overall cost and streamline your productivity.

Customized Logistic management software

Its possible the a standard out-of-the-box solution may not be suitable for your organisation. If you need flexibility and want to automate specific workflows, you should consider partnering with a right software development company that can build a custom logistic management software for you.

INTECH Group has over 15+ years of experience in building enterprise software. The company offers custom solution for Port & Logistics Industry.

Intech’s custom solution for the Port & Logistics Industry has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy choice for the business giants in port and logistic industry. With an industry experience of more than a decade of serving the Port & Logistics industry, Intech is swiftly growing as a service provider with an evident footprint amongst the other competitors.

Intech with its range of product offerings contribute to creating smarter logistics value chain. Here is an overview of some of the major Intech logistics software products.


The state-of-the-art Terminal Operating system is designed to cover the most vital and critical areas in port and terminal management. The product components include Berth Planning, Vessel Planning & Operation, Yard Planning & Operation, Gate Operation, Rail Operation, Container Inventory Management, Documentation Control & Customer Support, Billing, EDI Handling, Management Information System, Plugin and add-ons and workflow based Special Service Requests Tracking module.


The Smart Port Performance Dashboard (SmartPPD) is modeled to provide real-time assistance in monitoring and measuring operations KPI. As the terminal efficiency directly impacts business profits, it becomes prominent to keep an eye on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on real-time basis so as to make informed decisions real quick.

Smart Port Performance Dashboard (SmartPPD) ables you to visualize and analyze data from across the organization, helping you gain valuable insight and drive accurate decision making. SmartPPD is web-based, mobile optimized, user friendly and highly customizabled.


General Cargo Management System is an Integrated technology solution that covers various disjointed processes from Vessel to Yard to Gate Operation to Billing in a single workflow. The GCMS solution is designed to manage the challenging and complex set of General Cargo Terminal Operation processes. The SMART GCMS system is flexible and robust to accommodate various changing business scenarios

GCMS comprises of multiple modules and covers business areas like; Vessel Planning & Operation, Equipment & Gear Management, Yard Planning & Operation, Gate Operation, Manifest & Clearance, Billing, Special Services, etc. Android-based mobile app facilitates enterprise mobility for Quay Operation, Yard Operation, Gate Operation. Inventory Tracking is another excellent feature GCMS includes.


INTECH’s Container Freight Station (CFS) solution offers a workflow based CFS system that can be easily integrated with existing TOS. The system addresses the prime functionalities in CFS operation such as – smart BOL management and LCL handling, efficient Cargo management and tracking within the warehouse, mobile device based operation management, and interface based integration with TOS.


We offer a modern planning solution that analyzes stowage pattern, optimizes planning environment and maximizes loading capacity.


The Terminal Automation Systems (TAS) ensures predictable and reliable performance through reduced dependence on human proficiency.


The Port Operations & Revenue Tracking System-PORTS is a web based consolidated carrier organizing, cargo tracking and billing system for port authorities.


Maritime On-Line is an industry-major seaport logistics software and allows complete computer and web-based automation services to fulfill a variety of commercial maritime needs.

Autostore CTMS

Autostore CTMS is an innovative container management system that directs the productively of every component of the terminal. It integrates the best practices of firsthand operational management with reliable, scalable and secure technologies that help boost your bottom line.

These fully customizable solutions proffer highly efficient port operations resulting in Operational Cost Saving, Increased Efficiency, Timely completion of tasks, Informed decision making, Increased Customer Satisfaction, and a Happy and Confident Team.