Effective Data Management Solution Facilitating Operational Excellence

Customer Profile

Client is operating in over 40 countries and manages more than 70 million containers annually. Our client is a global logistics magnate. Before INTECH’s solution, the client had staggered data centres without any centralized link between them, except for the data shared on the “When-Asked” model. To help them manage vast amounts of data and bring it under one roof, we introduced a game-changing solution.

  • Services: BI & Data Science
  • Products/Tech Stack: Power Apps, Power BI, Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS)
  • Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain

Business Need/Challenge

With operations spanning across countries in 57 terminals, the amount of data scattered across the globe and the lack of a centralized system breeds inefficiencies in day-to-day operations.

  • Fragmented Data Ecosystem: Handling 10% of the global logistics traffic, our client didn’t have a centralized data system. As data resided in isolated systems, it led to inefficient yard management, complexities in truck management, and ineffective cargo tracking. All of these bred structural inefficiencies, delays, and several other bottlenecks.

  • Inaccurate Information Sharing and Billing Issues: The inconsistencies due to data fragmentation lead to inaccurate inventory management, resulting in shipment delays. With a lack of effective data management, misinformation is common, leading to billing discrepancies, causing financial losses and friction.

  • Lack of Effective Decision Making: The lack of a central data repository decision making as it is without real-time information. As a result, the client cannot make critical decisions, which causes issues with logistics planning and pricing strategies.

Solution & Approach

Taking into account the large database and analytical requirement for quick decision making, the INTECH team discussed probable solutions and technology integration for effective data analysis.

Here’s what we did;

  • A game-changing solution in the form of a centralized data warehouse to bring together data from diverse sources. Leveraging SAP systems, subsidiary database solutions, and Oracle deployments with Terminal Operating Systems (TOS), the INTECH team integrated multiple databases onto a single source.

  • We used BryteFlow for data integration to connect disparate systems, ensuring continuous data flow. With Azure Data Factory, we improved data transformation through data cleansing and structuring to ensure consistency and usability.

  • Azure Data bricks is used for in-depth data analysis and unlocking valuable insights leading to better resource allocation. For easy data accessibility across various departments, we used PowerApps for better data interactivity.

  • Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) provides a scalable and secure platform for data collection. For data visualization, we integrated Power BI. The interactive Power BI dashboards streamline data understanding while speeding up the decision-making process.

Business Benefits Achieved/Results

The central data repository solution led to the following benefits;

  • Optimizes yard space usage and management through real-time data analysis with effective and streamlined management operations.
  • With better resource allocation, the client experienced reduced management truck and cargo management complexities.
  • A unified data management and accessibility portal led to improvement in KPIs.
  • As all departments are now connected, they can make collective decisions with real-time data analysis.
  • Centralized data management removed all inefficiencies and improved operational processes.

What Led Customers Choose INTECH?

There are several key USPs that attract customers to INTECH.

  • A fool-proof and planned migration strategy
  • 20 years of expertise in IT Industry
  • Precise platform migration assessment and viability
  • Re-design and process automation assistance
  • Adept and experienced developers
  • Timely updates to keep your systems and apps up to date

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