Team Communication

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Team Communication

Helpful tools for communication

Since most of us are working remotely in this period. We know how important are tools in managing your work and your team, therefore we gathered a list of best web meeting tools available at INTECH  that will help us all overcome challenges with remote work.

When working from home make use of team communication tools to manage projects and information. Use Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet for Chat or video-call to resolve complicated issues and to bond with teammates.

We have Premium Access to Goto Meeting, Zoom and Google Meet.

If you or your team need access or support with any of the web meeting tools please contact:

Divyang Pradhan Or Ambrish Siddhapura.

Since remote working depend on high-tech communication to interact with team, seek the best tools for each communication purpose. It is your responsibility to know how to use them and which ones best suit your purposes. Know the tools’ advantages and disadvantages so you can deploy them effectively.