Smart Home is not Luxury BUT Necessity!

Smart electronic devices are meant to make our life easy. But now we are surrounded by so many devices that it has created clutter around us. So here is iNNEXIA – to make Smart, Safe & Secure Home.

Now it is time to make Home more connected by opting for the iNNEXIA, it will definitely make your home more Interactive.

What we offer with
iNNEXIA Home Automation


  • Control smart home remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Ensure safety of your Home with Panic button & Motion sensor
  • Take your home with you


  • Control most of your smart Home appliances with just one tap
  • Control most of your smart Home appliances with just one tap
  • Control your blinds and curtains with just your voice.
  • Control your lights your way.
  • “Out of Home” “Back to Home” modes in single click


  • Socialize with neighbors by using video calling, Watch party on TV
  • Gaming with friends
  • 5 ways to control home (Mobile / Remote / Voice / TV / Switch)


There are many Home Automation companies who offer automation solutions. But iNNEXIA is not just another company.

Home Automation is all about software integration with the hardware. And the software of iNNEXIA is designed and integrated by its parent company INTECH. It is a multinational software company who has helped many international brands for their smooth operations. The best part is, IT IS MADE IN INDIA.


Over-The-Air Updates

You will get new updates in the system for your homes automatically

So What is On Offer

Safe And Secure Homes

Protect your home from intruders. Keep a tab on visitors. Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. Get instant notifications on your smartphone and trigger a loud alarm, if someone tries to break into your home.

NxtGen Homes

Now enjoying watch party with friends, video calling on big screen, Playing video games with friends and playing music in entire home in one go will not be just a dream. It is very much possible, it is hassle free process.

Economical Homes

Economy for you: iNNEXIA is a wireless system so you do not require specific electrification. It can be done in existing homes also, so this saves lot of money. We are not dependent on some other software company so our product pricing is reasonable and we offer free up-gradation of software. Economy for end user: The system will cost them heavily if they buy individually and of course electricity saving due to system will be a life long economical advantage.

Smart Homes

Auto switching light on your pathway, opening and closing door and curtains, switching on or off any electric gadget like washing m/c, TV, music system, creating desire scene by switching specific lights of entire home or playing music and much more – all this and more with just single click or with voice command. Luxury will be at your feet, or should we say at your fingertip.

It will add beauty to Interior of Home

Our Hardware will Matches with any interior and it will add to the aesthetics.

The hardware are beautifully designed and made from high quality material.
It will look perfect with all interiors. The system is wireless and does not require any changes in wiring.

Smart, Safe & Secure Homes
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Platinum Package

Starts @ 199, 000 INR

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