eCommerce B2C


Cheney Brothers, Inc. is a leading Food distributor and provider headquartered in Florida, USA. They offer a wide range of food products in various categories through both B2B and B2C Channels to end-users.


Cheney Brothers had multiple eCommerce Retail systems that were based on categories and plants where the products belong to. This resulted in creating multiple B2C based eCommerce stores and hence managing each of them individually through different systems.

Product and sales order creations were also manual through email and back end admin panels. Hence the existing system was difficult to manage, time-consuming, costly and inaccurate in terms of information which is shown to the end customers.


  • Understanding of existing Product modeling and plant based hierarchy for rationalization into SAP Hybris Commerce Suite
  • Multiple Sites under one box for leveraging different product catalogs and content catalogs as per the business model, hence single management window for all the stores
  • Easy to scale architecture where more websites, plant based catalogs can be created on the go with hierarchical content management systems
  • Easy to use Promotion planning and campaigns creations by using Backoffice and its integration with E commerce Store
  • Real time master data integration of SAP ERP system with SAP Hybris through RFC, Datahub and SCPI
  • Third Party Payment providers integrations based on the Stores and Geography
  • FedEx logistics partner integration for various Shipping Methods availability to Customer
  • Delivery Time forecast features for product delivery time based on order placement time


  • SAP Hybris B2C Accelerator 1905 Suite
  • Spring Framework, Core Java
  • RFC, IDOC integrations
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration APIs
  • UI and UX frameworks
  • EH Caching and Apache Solr indexing
  • Restful Webservices


  • Less complex and easy to manage a system where visibility of products and contents are through single back end management window
  • Scalable architecture where content creators can create multiple websites and catalogs in future without any coding efforts
  • Easy navigation and editing of sites, products and medias using Smart Edit for non-technical users and giving better management insights
  • Cost Effective and Faster Time to market strategy implemented
  • Performance and Optimizations resulted into lower time per order generation