eCommerce B2B


Cheney Brothers, Inc. is a leading Food distributor and provider headquartered in Florida, USA. They offer a wide range of food products in various categories through both B2B and B2C Channels to end-users.


Cheney Brothers had preexisting e-commerce systems that had problems while showing the synchronous price and stock levels to the end customer as the integration with SAP ERP was through the manual import of flat files. The client purchased the SAP Hybris to solve this and Intech customized the out of the box B2B accelerator according to the business model of Cheney Brothers.


  • Understanding the preexisting e-commerce model and checkout process for rationalization into SAP Hybris Commerce Suite
  • Real time master data integration of SAP ERP system with SAP Hybris through RFC and DataHub
  • Complete New UX design and Storefront checkout journey according to Cheney theme
  • Integrated customer experience by providing Product Recommendations directly into Hybris from ECC system
  • Customized out of the box platform and end to end solution for B2B specific channels and Sales
  • Above solution is going to be implemented in B2C channel as well for retail customers with promotions and advanced personalization


  • SAP Hybris B2B Accelerator 6.6 Suite
  • Spring, Core Java
  • RFC, IDOC integrations
  • UI and UX frameworks
  • EH Caching and Apache Solr indexing


  • End customers are able to see the real-time pricing and stock levels coming from the master data system
  • Low overhead of Back office management by automation of the flow through Synchronous calls and Schedulers
  • Checkout journey is made simpler and easy to use
  • Real time Cart updates to be visualized through custom build UI components
  • Performance and Optimizations resulted into lower time per order generation